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Want to learn how to code, and you’re not sure where to start? There are loads of how to code in {put a coding language here} books on the market. Some are great for beginners and others will go over a noobs head faster than a Boeing 747. Today we’re talking about Coding Projects in Python by publisher DK. DK is well known for informational texts that are easy to follow and great for people of all ages. Let’s find out if Coding Projects in Python follows suit.


Quick Review

I currently have the ebook and the cover looks outstanding on a full HD screen. The black background really makes the colorful text stand out and I think DK did a great job making this book standout from the other coding workbooks in their catalog.

DK’s Coding Projects in Python is excellent, an easy to follow workbook that will get anyone coding in Python quickly. It includes all the information a beginner needs without all the bloat of a textbook. The big winner for me here is that the book does not assume that the reader knows anything about coding. The beginning of the book explains what Python is and tells you where to download the software from. DK Publishing is well known for pictures that are beautiful and helpful demonstrations of the text. The screenshots and other pictures in Coding Projects in Python are a great example of this. There is also a nice balance between text and pictures. I sometimes feel that some instructional books fail here because they do not have enough text to explain the picture or vice versa, but Coding Projects in Python gets it right.


Last Thoughts

Coding Projects in Python is easy to follow, and I recommend to anyone who wants to learn to code in Python. If you want to learn to code over a weekend or holiday definitely get your hands on this book. Both my twelve-year-old daughter and I had a great time with it and picked up some new skills without it feeling complicated or confusing. This also a great for to teach kids how to code without a teacher or someone with coding coding experience to bounce questions off of.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to me for free by the publisher via the NetGalley platform. All opinions mentioned in the above review are mine or my children’s honest opinions based on our experiences with the book.

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