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A Box of Awesome Things by Wee Society is just that. A box of awesome things that incite awesomer things, laughter, conversation about laughter, bonding time and conversations about other awesome things. Lol. Seriously it’s a box full of cool stuff on nice looking cards and you have to match them.


Quick Review

Getting down to the nitty gritty I will say this, “A Box of Awesome Things” is going to be one of those games I pass down to my grandchildren. BOOM! Yep! This game is so much fun to play with little ones. My little dude, Christopher, is 5 and requests to play multiple times a week. When we are crunched for time we only play with 1 set of cards. If there are words I want him to practice reading I sort out those cards and organize them in the usual game of Concentration style on the table. Seeing that he is only five we haven’t played with all 40 cards (20 pairs divided by 4 different colors). Chris has stated that his end goal with this game is to win a game against me while we play with all 40 cards. I highly recommend this game for kids ages 3-7, you can make it as simple or difficult as you like. We do invoke the Mom Rule though. If a player matches a pair correctly they automatically get another turn. Some memory games have this as a rule and some don’t. I like to play A Box of Awesome Things including this rule as it seems fair and helps the game progress a little faster.

On a side note beware of the confetti. That magical stuff is hard to find for some reason.


  • beautiful packaging
  • difficulty can be changed easily
  • has the words for the corresponding picture on each card


  • My family loves this game, we can’t find any cons. Well, maybe if you include kids wanting to play multiple rounds a day. Sorry kiddos, there’s other stuff to be done.


Where Can You Find the Awesomeness

Disclaimer: I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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