Disclaimer/Privacy/Cookie Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

I don’t like all of my information being improperly shared or shared without permission. You know what else I think very unfavorably of? When websites, or other companies log your information then turn around and sell it. I, Chelle Snell, of iGeekMom.com will not do any such sharing or selling of your info with third parties. In fact, the information collected used to analyze the performance of this website via cookies (so yeah the cookies do track what you click on here). I also keep backups of this blog stored in a secure location in case the site ever goes down and I need to restore it.  For you that means that any comments you leave on the iGeekMom website are backed up in a secure database. Oh, and about those cookies, you can turn them off at anytime by modifying your Internet browser’s settings.

iGeekMom is not responsible for the republishing of the content found on this blog on other websites or media without our permission. This privacy policy is subject to change without notice, effective January 1, 2018.


So the FTC requires that all blogs clearly state the details of how and when they are compensated for products.

Here at iGeekMom.com I review products that can be purchased online and in some brick and mortar locations.  Sometimes these products are provided to me for free for review purposes, other times there is a promotional discount involved. No, not everything you see on this blog was provided to me on the cheap. I do purchase items from my favorite stores (Amazon.com, Target, WalMart, Ollies) often and if they fit the niche of this website I post reviews of those products here.

Outside of the stores I mentioned above, I receive products and or promotional discounts from influencer websites. Take a look at the list below:

  • intellifluence.com
  • influenster.com
  • netgalley.com
  • bloggingforbooks.com
  • snagshout.com
  • vipon.com

Affiliate Marketing and Advertisements

In my reviews you will see affiliate links to the products online. It’s a thing, not a well-paying thing but it helps pay the hosting bills for this site and get the little dude a cheeseburger. The affiliate links posted on iGeekMom.com will direct  you to products located on Amazon.com. There are no extra fees tacked on to the price of the products. Here’s a cool tidbit of info. If you click an affiliate link, then add that product to your cart but you don’t check out immediately iGeekMom will still receive a small amount of compensation. Yes, even if you save an item for later. Pretty cool, right?

The ads posted on iGeekMom are just another form of small revenue that help keep this site going. Clicking the advertisements will direct you away from this site. All ads run on iGeekMom are hand picked by me, Chelle.


What you see is what you get. My reviews here are my own unbiased opinions. Free, cheap, or out of my own pocket, my product reviews are not influenced in any way.