About Me and My Geeky Family

First and foremost I am a mother and a wife. Our family consists of the thirty something mom and dad, the early elementary age son, the tween girl, and 1 crazy dog. We love homeschooling via hands on STEM activities, workbooks, Android apps, Amazon Fire Tablets, educational websites, and books. Outside of being lifelong learners we love gaming. Our favorite ways to game are through board/card games, Google Play Store, the Amazon App store/Amazon Underground, and PlayStation 4. I’m sure my family gets tired of me sharing “new technology” stories, but I can’t help it. I love technology and the advancements it takes to help us learn, play and stay entertained.

Why I Review So Many Different Things

A long time ago my dad gave me some advice that I really took to heart and my husband and I remind our kids of all the time: Always be open to something new.  Because of this we are always trying brands we’ve never heard of, new foods we spot at the grocery store, and games just based on the synopsis and/or cover art, or toys that just plain look cool. Around here STEAM learning is king.

I Blog Because…

I want to help families keep with up with current the educational/gaming technology trends that are parent and/or kid friendly, all while featuring multicultural creators, kids and families across the globe.

I am looking forward to working with people hosting giveaways, and companies including startups looking for families, parents, kids, or gamers to test out their products for review. I am also looking for educational materials to try out for product reviews.

All of my product reviews are my unbiased opinion.

Always remember to Live, Love and Play,


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